Clothes Stuff

Picking what clothes to bring on the Camino involves some trade-offs: I hate washing clothes! So if I take extra clothes it means fewer times I have to wash. BUT that means extra weight to carry for 500 miles ūüė¶¬† Since I will be doing a daily blog, I need time for blogging/editing¬†photos… not washing … Continue reading Clothes Stuff

Backpack Stuff

My Backpack Besides your footwear, your backpack is the most¬†important choice you will make since it will be on your back for 6-8 hours every day. I have a couple of old school¬†backpacks including an¬†Arcteryx Bora 80 (80 liters) which is built like a tank… and weighs about the same (like 8 pounds!) Obviously, this … Continue reading Backpack Stuff

Feet Stuff

Hiking Boots/Shoes The big decision here is hiking boots or hiking shoes. For me, based on my own personal experiences, when I walk with a backpack in hiking shoes, I occasionally will roll my¬†ankles (not a good thing to happen¬†on the Camino). I guess I have weak ankles… weird since I played ice hockey for … Continue reading Feet Stuff

Sleeping Stuff

Sleeping Bag The big decision here is whether¬†to take a sleeping bag OR a sleeping bag liner. I have a pretty light sleeping bag (~2 LBS/ 1 kg) that is good for late spring through early fall camping. To get it that light means it is a mummy style¬†sleeping bag with little room to move … Continue reading Sleeping Stuff