Help Me With My Playlist

So, I will be walking for 35 days. To help keep me motivated (and my sanity) I’m making a few playlists to take on the walk. I’m thinking about making 4 playlists to be used at different times and situations. Below are details with example songs (note: there are some oldies here, so I put links for the … Continue reading Help Me With My Playlist

My Journey to the Camino

How It All Started My journey to the Camino began a long, long time ago in 1984 (when dinosaurs still walked the earth 🙂 ). I was working in the sports marketing department for Miller Brewing Company at the time (responsible for our sponsorship of the US Olympic Hockey Team) and I was sent to Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (now … Continue reading My Journey to the Camino

History of The Camino

  Here is a little history about the Camino: To understand the Camino, you have to start more than 2,000 years ago. St. James (one of the 12 Apostles) traveled to the north of Spain around 40 A.D. to spread the teaching of Jesus. When he returned to Jerusalem he was beheaded by King Herod in 44 … Continue reading History of The Camino

My Pack List

My plan was to have a total pack weight under 22 pounds (including water & food). Why 22 pounds? Well, the veteran Camino walkers suggest keeping your pack weight to 10%-15% of your total body weight. I weigh 165 pounds so my ranges should be 16-24.75pounds) So I started weighing all my stuff on my nifty … Continue reading My Pack List

My Training Program

I did a lot of research (because I didn’t want to end up like Ron Burgundy)  on how best to train for the Camino and started with a few ideas including: I decided to remove the batteries from the remote control…forcing me to get up to change the tv channels 🙂 I was also thinking about … Continue reading My Training Program

Tech Stuff

Many of you know that I’m a tech-nerd. I spent 10 years in the robotic software business at ABB Robotics and loved every minute of it. For all you geeks out there, here is the software in action: OK… back to reality and my trip to the Camino. When I made the decision to do … Continue reading Tech Stuff