Day 33 – Arzúa to Labacolla

The Stats: MILES: 22 CUMULATIVE MILES: 517 STEPS: 37,000  CUMULATIVE STEPS: 944,000 TIME WALKING: 11 HOURS  CUMULATIVE TIME WALKING: 227HOURS WOW! I hit 500 miles today!!!! Who would have thunk it?????? 500 miles in 32 days of walking. Blogger’s Note: Once again, we had to cover lots of ground today, so I couldn’t stop for … Continue reading Day 33 – Arzúa to Labacolla

Final Thoughts

Well, I’m sitting in Nice France, sipping on a lovely Limoncello and PepsiMax and trying to make some sense out of the past 34 days on the Camino. It is hard to believe that 2 days ago I was walking into the square in Santiago. My body is a little anxious as I sit here – … Continue reading Final Thoughts

Tips & Tricks

I thought it might be a good idea to upload some “Tips & Tricks” I learned from my experiences. Hopefully, this might be helpful for others. I tried to lists things that might not be so obvious and a little out of the ordinary. (NOTE: these tips worked for me & may/maynot work for you. … Continue reading Tips & Tricks