I have no idea. But I have read several books, watched a bunch of YouTube videos and explored dozens of forums and here are 3 general themes I found:

  • The Body: It can be grueling at times. Those who did some training before the Camino faired much better. There aren’t any official numbers, but my research indicates that less than 50% complete the entire Camino. (You can learn about how I’m training here)
  • The Mind: It seems like you have to convince yourself that you can do it. Don’t focus on the 500 miles. Instead, focus on the now – just walk 15 miles today.
  • The Spirit: You meet people from all over the world, doing the Camino for lots of different reasons. (Recent grads taking a break before entering the “real-world”, in between jobs, looking for an adventure, newly divorced, mourning the loss of a loved one, recently retired or in search of meaningful purpose and direction in life). Most people who have done the Camino also talk about the great sense of liberation, knowing that all they need today is in their backpack. For me, my expectations are pretty simple, I will finish the 500 miles and help raise some money for a charity that does really good work. Anything more is a bonus!