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What’s my story?

HeadshotAfter 30 years in the business world, I wasn’t having any fun and needed a change. I was too young to retire so I quit the business world and started a second career as a college professor. I have been teaching at Carthage College (Kenosha, WI. USA) since 2009.

Since I have my summer off, Susie (my wife) and I decided to take advantage of the situation. So we decided to take every June and spend a month in a new place and live like the locals. We rent a modest apartment (thank-you VRBO), have no rental car, cook lots of meals at home and live like the locals.

After spending a month in one location you really get a sense of the place and we never feel rushed like if we were on 2-week vacation. We find it quite civilized!


I got into photography when I was very young from my Dad, I even taught a couple of classes while still in high school. I lost touch with photography in my mid-twenties but rediscovered it in 2001 with the advent of digital photography. No longer did you need a darkroom, just a decent computer, and some software.


When Susie & I did our first month-long trip to Nice, lots of friends and family were interested in our trip so I decided to create a blog to capture our adventures. I used Google Blogger for the first couple of blogs because it was very easy to use but very limiting in design and layout. So I decided to learn WordPress and the horrors of HTML and CSS coding 🙂 and my more recent blogs are done using WordPress (including this one) Here is a link to my vacation/travel blogs: LINK

Important Note: I assume no responsibilities for typos or poor grammer. I have a Engineering degree fer God’s sakes. OK… I feel much better with that off my shoulders.


I hope you enjoy the blog and please feel free to leave some comments!


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