Day 6 Estella to Los Arcos

The Stats:

A4661031-BF74-4E86-BFFB-68C002715C64MILES: 14 CUMULATIVE MILES: 85

STEPS: 27,100   CUMULATIVE STEPS: 212,000


Today was an “easy day”, only 14 miles!

It was a beautiful sunny day and I walked through some fantastic landscapes. This was a welcome relief from yesterday’s agony with the rain.

So let’s begin.

Actually, the morning started out a little cloudy for the first 90 minutes. During that time I came a across an interesting find…

Something You Don’t Find In America

This area has lots of vineyards and wineries and about 45 minutes down the road a wonderful sign appeared:


A “wine fountain”??? Sounds interesting. A few minutes later I was greeted by this:


A closer inspection revealed a faucet dispensing FREE red wine.


The local winery has been giving away free wine to pilgrims for years. I’m not a wine common-sewer 🙂 but it tasted pretty good. But at 8:00am, it was hard to judge…

After a nice taste of wine, it was back to walking and following the yellow arrows…


About 30 minutes later the sun came out and I was greeted with speculators views and warm sunshine.


Hey, that’s me 🙂





OKAY… can you guess what they are growing below??? Put your answers in the comments. I will reveal the answer in tomorrow’s blog post.




This is where I had lunch. It was a little spot for the pilgrims to eat with a few benches. It was very civilized.

Great Pilgrim Story

Off to my right (as I was having lunch) was a rickety wooden cart with a French guy selling snacks. He told me that he started his Camino a couple of weeks ago, but ran out of money. So he built this cart and will sell snacks along the way to fund his Camino adventure. Every pilgrim has a story…

After lunch it was a quick 1 hour walk to Los Arcos, my stop for the day. A few more pics:



A fun trail marker…



I got to Los Archos at around 2pm.


Once in town, I decided to splurge and get a hotel room for the night!

I’m In Nirvana 🙂

The guy gave me double room for the price of a single… about $45… NICE!!!


WOW!!!!!! A proper bathroom just for me!!!!!


Plus they actually had really fast internet!!!!

Since I got into town early, I had time to blog & wash all my stinking clothes 🙂 .

Many Ways To Do The Camino

I had dinner at a nice restaurant in a hotel down the street (my hotel didn’t have a restaurant) and was invited to sit with a bunch of other pilgrims. They were doing the Camino in a different way… they used a booking company. They had all their reservations (in hotels) taken care of, their backpacks were taxied to each site and they were given a nice box lunch every morning.

Another way to do the Camino is to stay at the big municipal hostels (for about 5 euros) and cook your meals in the hostel every night.

I’m going for the middle by staying at smaller (private) hostels for ~10 euros and eat out. But I will try the cheap way tomorrow.

Today’s Thoughts

  • It was really great to walk in the warm sun… It did a lot for the soul today.
  • Spending the night in the hotel was GREAT!!! It was a great experience:
    • Sleeping without ear plugs.
    • Cotton sheets
    • No snoring
    • Drying off with a real cotton towel.
  • I think I will stay in a few more hotels along the way… especially if I get into town early.

Time for sleep…




3 thoughts on “Day 6 Estella to Los Arcos

  1. They are growing asparagus – white asparagus! Yes? No? The photos in the sunshine are spectacular. You looked like a happy hiker today. And that spacious room — WOW! XO Susie


  2. Hey JJ!
    I love the content, I’m really jealous of your adventure haha. Your shots are really doing justice for how amazing it is! What camera and gear are you shootings with? Just curious since your all on foot! Hope you’re having a blast and also thank you for a great last semester!


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