Day 5 – Puente la Reina to Estella

The Stats:



STEPS: 34,000  CUMULATIVE STEPS: 184,900


A Day Of Pure Agony 😦

Today was a pretty rough day even though it was only 15 miles and the elevation was pretty mild.

It was gray and there was a light drizzle, just like yesterday. I was hoping for a repeat of yesterday and it would clear up by afternoon.

Blogger’s Note: The first half of the hike was pretty ugly (not the landscape, but the weather) so the colors weren’t very good. So I converted many of them to black and white. I felt they better conveyed the mood.

This was about 15 minutes into the hike and the drizzle changed to a light rain so I slipped on my rain jacket and put the rain cover on my backpack.







Shortly after this point the rain stopped and I stowed my rain jacket in my backpack (BIG MISTAKE!)

About 15 minutes later a monsoon came in. The rain was coming down in buckets and the wind was blowing like crazy. I was out in the middle of a field with no shelter in sight. I debated getting my rain jacket, but this would require me to take off my backpack rain cover and opening it. This would have soaked the contents including my iPad.

So I just got wet.

I found a small shelter about 10 minutes up the trail, by this time I was completely drenched. A few minutes later the rain stopped but the wind got stronger and the temperature dropped. It must have been around 50f degrees and I was shivering like crazy at this point. I was very concerned about getting hyperthermia since the conditions were perfect for this… cold, wet and windy.

I ended up putting on my rain jacket over my fleece jacket. It helped a little, but I knew I would need to get my core temperature up by walking much faster than my normal pace.

After about 45 minutes of this quick pace I finally started to warm up.

Shortly after the sun came out and it was a great relief.


As I walked into Estella (my stop for the night) I started to see flags and banner hanging over the streets. WOW, the town’s people are celebrating my arrival. How cool is that… especially after the day I had.


Actually they were celebrating the town’s youth day. The streets were filled with young people drinking lots of beer. I asked several people for directions and was offered drinks from all of them.

Here is a short video of one of the bands… it was a nice treat to lift my spirits:

After I checked into my hostel I headed out grab a few things from the store. As I left the store it started to rain PLUS it was hailing!!! Luckily I could take shelter in the store until it stopped. Might be hard to see, but the hail was about the size of peas. What a great way to end the day 🙂


Today’s Thoughts

  • Today’s adventure with the rain really took a lot out of me. Shivering for about 30 minutes while hiking at a very fast pace wasn’t much fun. Plus my shoes were full of water and that lead to me getting a couple of small blisters on my feet.
  • The youth celebration did a lot to lift my spirit. Plus the sun came out later.
  • I spent the night in a hostel that was a former monastery. It was a great place to stay. Very nice and clean with only 6 people in the room.




5 thoughts on “Day 5 – Puente la Reina to Estella

  1. Hope the rain and snoring have stopped. The pizza looked sad for sure – but at least they didn’t cut it in squares!!! I’m enjoying the blog. Stanley cup has started — Knights won game #1. XO Sus


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