Day 4 – Pamplona to Puente la Reina

The Stats:



STEPS: 36,025  CUMULATIVE STEPS: 150,900


Blogger’s Note: Sorry for the delays in getting these posts up. The internet gods have been really sloooooow. It is taking me hours to upload the photos 😦

Today was gray day with light drizzling rain. It was just me & Helena since Scott was spending a rest day in Pamplona.

We will be traveling for about 15 miles with just one pass to climb of about 1,000ft.

Blogger’s Note: Several of the pictures are a little dark. I left them this way to give you a better idea of the conditions.

Here is what it looked like as we set out. We walked for some time through big fields of wheat.


There were lots of poppies and other flowers along the way.




As with the other mornings, the mist was hanging in the valleys.


At the top of peak, we reach the Mountain of Forgiveness. This is the place you are suppose to forgive all people in life for their transgressions. I guess I will have to forgive the person who invented sloooow internet 🙂

Here is an explanation about the sculpture from presents  The Lore of the Camino de Santiago, by Jean Mitchell-Lanham:

“The sculpture exhibits a small history of pilgrims and the pilgrimage…through various stages of development, from the beginning in the Middle Ages up to the present day, in the form of a procession. Of the twelve pilgrims, the first pilgrim appears to be searching for the route and symbolizes the beginning of interest in the pilgrimage. Next is a group of three that depicts the growth or rise in popularity of the Camino. These three are followed by another group depicted as merchants or tradesmen on horseback that symbolize the medieval era of merchants hawking their wares to the pilgrims. Spaced away from them is a solitary figure that characterizes the decline in pilgrimages due to political, religious, and social unrests from the mid-fourteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries. At the very end of the procession are two modern-day figures depicted to show the renewed interest and rise in popularity of the pilgrimage in the late twentieth century.”


After we started our descent, the drizzle stopped and it started to get a little bit brighter.


This cairn was about 5 ft high!!!



I had a delightful ham & cheese sammy on a tasty multi-grain roll. YUM!



A young entrepreneur at work. The lemonade was awesome… not too sweet so you could really taste the lemons. It was very refreshing.



The Big HUGH Disappointments

  1. When I checked-in at the hostel, the manager said “YES… we have high speed internet”. Well, if you call 56kb speed, you must be on drugs. It was taking FOREVER to upload just a few photos.
  2. So I decided to grab a pizza to go. This would allow me more time for blogging. The manager said there was just one place in town hamlet to get pizza. So I headed out and ordered a ham & mushroom pizza… I was getting really hungry at this point. 15 minutes later, the lady handed me my freshly baked pizza. It was a nice sized box and thought this would fill me up for some serious blogging for the evening.


When I opened the box, this is what I found… THE HORROR! And to make matters worse, the pizza sucked. It was doughy and undercooked.


Today’s Thoughts

  • I wonder if I can get a good pizza in Spain.
  • The snoring has been pretty loud the last couple of nights. Plus people getting out of  bed in the middle of the night to use the WC doesn’t help.
  • Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow. It is weird that every weather app has a different forecast… and none of them are correct 😦





One thought on “Day 4 – Pamplona to Puente la Reina

  1. Sorry you had a bad pizza. Did you take the detour to Eunate? A treasure. You have been lucky with the weather. A friend who lives in Pamplona says that they have had terrible rain for weeks now…i will catch up with your posts later. Have to rush now!


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