Day (-2) In The Air & Biarritz, France

A Long Day!

I didn’t get much sleep (maybe 1hour) on the flight from Chicago to Iceland 😦 The seats weren’t that comfortable plus it got really warm in the cabin.

The connection to my flight to London was easy. Here are a few shots from the plane over Iceland. FYI, Iceland is one of favorite places. Susie and I spent 2.5 weeks driving around the entire island. It was AWESOME!!! Here is a link to my Iceland blog: 



So, Did WOW Airlines WOW Me?

Well… Yes and No.

YES… it was cheap. The flight from Chicago to London (via Iceland) was only $200!!! Pretty amazing price.

NO… You get what you pay for.

  • The seats were basic (thin bottoms – not too cushy/comfortable for a 6 hour flight.)
  • Leg room was pretty tight.
  • The seats reclinded about 1″.
  • You have to pay for all drinks and food.

A few more observations from my flight:

  • Since WOW is a newer airline (started in 2012!), the flight crew was very young. I usually fly to Europe on more established airlines (like SAS) and the crews are much older. Those with more seniority get the international flights.
  • The plane from Iceland to London was 3 weeks old!! It still had that “new airplane smell” 🙂
  • Man, WOW likes purple! Here is what their planes look like:

  • The crew uniforms, the seats, the flight cards… all purple.
  • Here is strange one… As the plane departed Iceland, they announced that someone on the pane was allergic to peanuts and told us NOT to open bag/containers that had peanuts in them. That’s a new one for me.

The Brits Are Masters Of The Queue

When I landed in London I had 3 1/2 hours before my next flight. I thought “what am I going to do with all that time? Maybe do some blogging?” Well… I spend about 2 hours standing in line 😦

  • 30 minutes for passport control
  • 30 minutes to drop-off my luggage at Ryan Air
  • 45 minutes to go back though security
  • 15 minutes to board the plane

Once on board, I sat next to nice guy from Hungry (shoutout to Bence & his girlfriend Anna). He works for Nokia and has been to (Viva) Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon 🙂

As usual the flight was delayed and we arrived in Biarritz, France around 10:30pm. The tiny airport was closed (including the bathrooms) and no taxi were available.

So I decided to strap-on my backpack and walk to the hotel. The guy at the airport said it was about a mile walk. I got the directions and headed out. After about 30 minutes I realized something was not right. Luckily a young French guy on a moped stopped and asked if I was lost. I explained where I trying to get to and he said “Monsieur, you walked past it 2km ago (1 mile)” At which point I said “$hit”.

I ended up getting into my hotel room ~12:30am.

It was been a long travel day… I was up for ~32 hours!!!

I’m going to bed…



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