Day 13 – Rest Day

I decided to take the day off and rest. My body is doing fine, but I think it might be good to rest after completing about 1/3 of the Camino. Many people who have done the Camino recommend taking a couple of rest days.

I spent the day resting, reading, catching-up on my blogs…

PLUS, I got to spend an exciting afternoon walking all my clothes 🙂


I also got a chance to walk around central Burgos and discovered their famous church.

This church was HUGE!!!! Here it is in the distance.


Unfortunately the church is so big and there is very little room around it, capturing it in 1 photo is impossible. So here are several different angles:




Here are a couple of shots from inside:



TAPAS But No Restaurants

When I went out for dinner, it was difficult to find a restaurant that served a full dinner. Instead, most of the places served tapas. Don’t get me wrong, I love tapas (especially with a group of friends to share) but I really want a full dinner for the hike tomorrow. I eventually found a restaurant and had a proper dinner.


A Day In The Life Of A Pilgrim

Several people have asked what a typical day looks like for me. After several days, a routine finally set-in. Here it is:

  1. Wake-up 6:30am
  2. Wash-up
  3. Pack-up
  4. Refill water bottles
  5. ~7:15am Start walking
  6. Stop at the first store I see and buy my lunch (a pack of salami, a pack of cheese and an apple/orange)
  7. ~9am eat a few big handfuls of nuts (my breakfast on the go 🙂 )
  8. Lunch is sometime after I’m more than 1/2 way done with the day’s walk.
  9. ~2-4pm arrive in the town and look for a hostel
  10. Check-in
  11. I usually lay down for 15 minutes on my bed… just to unwind.
  12. Unpack.
  13. Take a shower.
  14. Wash my clothes (if required… I can go 3-4 days between washes)
  15. Blog
  16. ~7-8pm have dinner
  17. Blog
  18. Go clubbing until 4am.  🙂
  19. 10pm go to sleep
  20. Repeat the next morning 🙂

Today’s Thoughts

  • It was nice to relax today…good for the mind and spirit. (I will see about the body tomorrow)
  • Nothing is open on Sunday’s in Spain… except for some restaurants and a few bakeries.
  • Not a lot of the locals speak English. I guess I’m too used to (or spoiled) working/travelling in Sweden where everyone speaks perfect English.





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