Help Me With My Playlist

So, I will be walking for 35 days. To help keep me motivated (and my sanity) I’m making a few playlists to take on the walk.

I’m thinking about making 4 playlists to be used at different times and situations. Below are details with example songs (note: there are some oldies here, so I put links for the younger ones to enjoy 🙂 ):

Morning (Wake-up Music)

Mid-Day (Higher Energy)

Almost There (Slowing it down)

Play Only In Case of Emergency  (Need to make the last couple of miles)

Sooooooooooooo, if you have any recommendations, please leave your suggestions below in the comment section.

Thanks for your ideas!




3 thoughts on “Help Me With My Playlist

  1. If you do not have Spotify, I would highly recommend. You can download playlist’s on WiFi to listen to while your’re offline. I hope you see this in time! This is one of my favorites to shuffle.


  2. Not that I would listen to music – which I love – while walking: however, dum pater familias is a walking song, comes from codex calixtus or whatever it is called. Also, Emer Quinn, an I fish singer, teams up with Carlos Nunez: Dom Yerrien.


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