My Training Program

I did a lot of research (because I didn’t want to end up like Ron Burgundy)  on how best to train for the Camino and started with a few ideas including:

  1. I decided to remove the batteries from the remote control…forcing me to get up to change the tv channels 🙂
  2. I was also thinking about buying the Hawaii Chair. It seemed like a good idea since I spend a lot of time sitting in my office (to my former student: the office WITHOUT a lake view 🙂 ) at school :

But I found out that they stopped production of the Hawaii Chair in the 1990’s. BUMMER!

So I decided to get a little more serious and here is what I am doing to prepare for the Camino:

  • I started in March by using my old-school Nordic Track machine 20-minutes a day, a few times a week. Here is what it looks like:


  • Because it simulates cross-country skiing, you get a great workout. Plus the motion is the same as using trekking poles for hiking (which I plan on using for the Camino)
  • For Spring Break (mid-March, Clearwater FL) I brought my backpack (loaded with ~22 pounds of water bottles) and hiked 5, 10 & 15 miles, with a day break between each hike. I was a little tired and sore after the 15 miler, but it wasn’t too horrible.
  • In April, I started to do a little weight training focusing on my legs/core and shoulders.
  • In mid-April, I started hiking 10 miles (with ~ 22-pound load) a couple times a week.
  • Starting in May I will be hiking 3-4 times a week (10-15 miles each time)

During these training hikes, I’m also testing my gear and set-up.

I am hoping this will get me in shape for the Camino. I guess I will find out.


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